How to Vacation Like The Obamas

Vacation Like the Obamas

Since President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama left the White House, we can’t help but feel a little vacation envy. We’ve seen the happy couple on the beach in Tahiti. Kite-surfing in the Caribbean. And who can forget about the photo of Barack snapping a picture of Michelle while they were on a yacht…partying with Oprah and Gayle! When you work hard at a stressful job like the Obamas, you deserve to vacation like them too.

Even if your bank account doesn’t see it for a world tour like the Obamas had, consider at least one of these travel ideas for your next vacation.

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs California
This was the first of many destinations after the Obamas departed the White House in January. It’s 110 miles southeast of Los Angeles and a great jaunt for laying around the pool, getting a spa treatment, golf, hiking and plenty of other outdoor adventures. It can get really hot and humid in this desert city (imagine 126 degrees), we recommend traveling here for spring break or a winter getaway. Here’s some fun in the sun to add to your itinerary.

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands
The British Islands is where we saw President Obama kite-surfing with business mogul Richard Branson. Rather than stay on one Caribbean island, do yourself a favor and do some island hopping when you get here. All of the islands are within 15 to 60 minutes from each other. Most people start from Tortola and make their way to others islands for adventure and/or relaxing excursions.

Tahiti, French Polynesia


It was on David Geffen’s yacht off the French Polynesian island of Moorea where we saw President Obama taking Instagram-worthy pictures of First Lady Michelle. The Obama’s reportedly stayed at The Brando, a hotel named in honor of the late Marlon Brando, in Tetiaroa, where Obama was penning his White House memoir. Out of all the French Polynesian islands the Obamas visited, Tahiti is the largest. If you’re looking for some peaceful down-time or a romantic getaway, the turquoise water and beaches make it a perfect destination. We recommend traveling in August, it’s driest season.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscan Italy

La Repubblica reported that the Obamas were vacationing in the Tuscan countryside in a hilltop villa in Buonconvento. If you’re a food and wine lover, traveling to a Tuscan village is a must. There’s plenty of opportunity to fill your belly with gelato, pasta, and wine from the surrounding restaurants. For those who like adventure, consider taking a cooking class while you’re there.

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