Get Your Mind and Body In Shape With These Black-Owned Health and Fitness Companies

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t stuck to the health goals you made at the beginning of the year. It’s never too late to start creating healthy habits.

Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of black entrepreneurs who’ve made products or built brands focused on mental and physical health.

Health and Fitness Companies

Meet the Black Entrepreneurs behind these health and fitness companies

Mental Health

 Bea Arthur, Image Credit: @beaarthurlmhc Bea Arthur, Image Credit: @beaarthurlmhc

Bea Arthur – The Difference

Health Benefit: With more reports and conversation around how often people are experiencing anxiety and depression; affordable on-demand mental therapy could literally be a lifesaver.

Meet Bea Arthur, a Columbia University-trained psychotherapist, who created The Difference – Amazon’s first Alexa Skill for mental therapy.

With the command of your voice and an Alexa-enabled device (Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot), you’ll now have access to a team of on-call therapists from 9am to 9pm EST. The Difference voice service is currently accepting BETA users and is also raising funds on ifundwomen.

 Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Image Credit: Therapy for Black Girls Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Image Credit: Therapy for Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford – Therapy for Black Girls

Health Benefit: Black women, this website is for you. Whether you’re dealing with a breakup or stressing over graduate school, is a one-stop shop for managing your emotional health.

The founder, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, is a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia. Her specialties include working with black women in both individual and couples counseling. Her areas of interest include break up and divorce recovery, depression, work-life balance, relationship skills, and self esteem improvement.

Therapy for Black Girls offers a database of therapists in your city, a podcast, and the The Yellow Couch Collective which is an online community consisting of Q&A’s and in-person events.

 Kevin Dedner, Image Credit: @kdedner Kevin Dedner, Image Credit: @kdedner

Kevin Dedner, MPH – Henry Health

Health Benefit: The stigma of men asking for help is real. And when you add the cultural complexity of being a black man, you have the answer to why Kevin Dedner, MPH and Oliver L. Sims, III, MBA founded Henry Health, an online therapy platform for black men.

According to the Center for Social Epidemiology, blacks in the U.S. are 2-4 times more likely than whites in the U.S. to develop hypertension by age 50. The center says “high effort coping with difficult psychosocial stressors” can explain the link between socioeconomic status and hypertension typically observed in Black Americans.

These “psychosocial stressors” birthed what is known as the John Henryism Hypothesis in 1994. It’s the theory that inspired Sims and Dedner to the name their mental health platform Henry Health.

The tale of John Henry is an African-American folklore about a steel-driving man who was measured in a race that he won, only to die in victory with a hammer in hand as his heart gave out from stress. Henry Health wants to help men navigate their stress, which why they’re armed with practitioners equipped to treat Black men dealing with emotional and mental health issues.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

 JJ Smith, Image Credit: JJ Smith, Image Credit:

JJ Smith – 6-weeks-sexy-challenge

Health Benefit: JJ Smith has a story that many women can relate to. One day you’re carefree eating anything you desire and then what feels like a blink of an eye you’ve put on double-digits in extra pounds that you don’t know how to lose. What seemed like a vanity issue at first has now become a laundry list of ailments due to unhealthy diet habits and weight gain.

When this happened to Smith, she writes on her website, she wanted to take control of her health and figure out a way to heal her body. After trying several natural techniques and seeing results she decided to get certified as a nutritionist and weight loss expert. Now in her late 40s she teaches people how to restore their health and get their “sexy back.”

Her 6-weeks-sexy-challenge includes liver cleansing, intermittent fasting, modified fasting and fasted cardio. The techniques and strategies are designed to trigger fat burning hormones to make weight loss easier and faster.

 Roberta Tabb, Image Credit: @therobertashow Roberta Tabb, Image Credit: @therobertashow

Roberta Tabb – Simply Tabbastic : Easy Meal Prep and tips (Book)

What: Simply Tabbastic : Easy Meal Prep and tips (Book)
Health Benefit: After losing 130+ pounds, Roberta Tabb is a self-proclaimed natural obesity survivor. Her dedication to keep the weight off is evident on her Instagram page. Like clockwork, once a week she posts pictures on Instagram of her prepped meals for the week.

Her book Simply Tabbastic : Easy Meal Prep and tips, published in 2018, is a meal prep guide with simple healthy recipes that usually involve 5 ingredients or less.

Physical Fitness

 George Foreman III, Image Credit: Everybody Fights George Foreman III, Image Credit: Everybody Fights

George Foreman III – Everybody Fights

Website: Everybody Fights
Where: Boston (MA), New York (NY), Lexington (KY) , Philadelphia (PA) and Chicago (IL)
Health Benefit: Some might hear the name George Foreman and think of the popular George Foreman Grill used in over 100 million households. But if you were around in the 70s, you’ll know George Foreman is also synonymous with boxing. Foreman is a Hall of Fame heavyweight boxer who has 12 children, including 5 sons he named George. Foreman explains on his website, “I named all my sons George Edward Foreman so they would always have something in common. I say to them, ‘If one of us goes up, then we all go up together, and if one goes down, we all go down together!’

Turns out one of his sons, George Foreman III, followed his father’s footsteps in boxing and entrepreneurship. In 2007 he started boxing to lose weight. Then in 2009 he began his professional boxing career, retiring with a 16-0 record. In 2014 he opened the first Everybody Fights fitness center in Boston. Today Foreman III has 5 locations, including New York (NY), Lexington (KY) , Philadelphia (PA) and Chicago (IL). Everybody Fights offers boxing, circuit, running and yoga.

 (L to R) Gee Bryant, Joseline Hernandez and Jason Lobdell Image Credit: Results in 28 Days (L to R) Gee Bryant, Joseline Hernandez and Jason Lobdell Image Credit: Results in 28 Days

Gee Bryant – Results in 28 Days

Health Benefit: If you’re not inspired to get your body in shape after looking at the #RI28 hashtag on Instagram, try visiting Joseline Hernandez on Instagram. The Love & Hip-Hop star used the fitness transformation program to get back in shape after giving birth to her first child. Results in 28 Days was created by fitness expert Gee Bryant, who’s also the owner of The Loft Athletic Club in Atlanta, GA which he co-owns with fitness trainer Jason Lobdell.

The #RI28 challenge is something you can do at home, which is cheaper than a gym membership. They provide instructional videos for all exercises, a workout schedule, and a clean eating meal guide.

Yoga & Meditation

 Dianne Bondy, Image Credit: Dianne Bondy, Image Credit:

Dianne Bondy – Yogasteya (Yoga for All Shapes Sizes and Abilities)

Health Benefit: Most of us are used to seeing images of young, flexible, and thin people practicing yoga. This can be intimidating to anyone curious about the calming fitness practice that’s been gaining mainstream popularity.

If you want to experience the immune boosting, core strengthening, and increased energy that yoga provides, Dianne Bondy wants to help you get over your fears.

The veteran yoga instructor and activist has been on a mission to create diversity in Yoga. She created Yogasteya, an online yoga platform dedicated to celebrating students of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Her motto is “No Yogi Left Behind.” She recently published the book Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses For Every Type of Body.

Yogasteya offers free and paid online classes that you can try in the comfort of your home.

 Faith Hunter, Image Credit: Faith Hunter, Image Credit:

Faith Hunter – Faith Hunter’s 30 Day Meditation

Health Benefit: Fitness is not always about moving. Sometimes we just need to be still and meditate. It was in the early 90’s when Faith Hunter took up the practice of yoga and meditation to cope with her brother dying from complications related to AIDS. Today she’s the owner of Embrace Yoga DC, a yoga and wellness center located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, DC.

Hunter’s website offers multiple guided meditations to teach you how to subdue stress and find your zen.

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