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Why We’re Crushing On Dirty Razkal’s Grand Ave Lux Tee

I love seeing a man in a nicely fitted white t-shirt. You know the kind that’s not too tight, but somehow effortlessly shows off that he’s been in the gym lately? That’s what I like about Dirty Razkal’s Grand Ave Lux Tee. It’s the perfect blend of casual and confidence.

Dirty Razkal is a black-owned fashion business founded by Jamal Momon, which he runs with his business partners Sanjay Channagiri and Viswanath Manjunath. Momon came up with the idea for his urban clothing line back in 2011 when he was a graphic designer and photographer. “My passion for clothing grew more and more with each fashion shoot, “ he tells us. “The more I shopped, the more I’d find myself wanting to tweak certain aspects of the gear I purchased. Fast forward a year and Dirty Razkal was born.” Momon’s collection, for men and women, officially launched October 2012.

We wanted to learn more about the man behind the brand so we asked Maymon to share his vision for Dirty Razkal.

What inspired you to create Dirty Razkal? I’ve always had a passion for urban fashion. And at the time, the current brands just weren’t producing quality products. That’s the main reason I wanted to start Dirty Razkal – with the intention of giving people a quality product at affordable pricing.

If Dirty Razkal had a theme song, what song would it be? Kanye West – Touch the Sky

What influential person (dead or alive) do you wish you could sit down and get advice from? Michael Jackson. Even though he didn’t sell clothing, he always had a huge passion for organically connecting with people with his God given talent on a large scale.

What books have influenced your life?I mainly read business magazines like Inc. and Entrepreneur. Those have helped and continue to help me make some of the most important moves up to this point.

Best business advice you’ve received? To stay consistent with my collections. When I first started I was just making whatever I thought was cool. No type of connection within the collections so it just looked like a bunch of random stuff. I’ve since been way more consistent, which I feel gives the brand a cleaner look inside and out.

What’s your favorite part about running your business? Seeing random people wearing the product is always the best, because that shows they genuinely like it.

What’s new with Dirty Razkal?We’re currently working on a more contemporary collection that focuses on detailed basics and will be launching it at the Agenda Tradeshow in Vegas this August (2016). This is the first time we’ll be exhibiting at Agenda so it’s pretty huge for us!

Written by Tanisha Blakely

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