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12 Black Hair Care Products Created By Black Women

Black women know first-hand how real the struggle is when it comes to managing our hair. The women on this list created their beauty companies out of necessity and a strong desire for stress-free healthy strands. What’s better than buying beauty products from someone who understands your hair story?

12 Black Hair Care Products Created By Black Women

No. 1

 Naturalicious Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment

Naturalicious Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment

Company: Naturalicious

Product: Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment($19)
“This one bottle does the work of five products – it’s a detoxifying cleanser, a smoothing conditioner, an effortless detangler, and a deep conditioner, all while doing the work of a leave-in conditioner!”

About the Founder: Gwen Jimmere, a Detroit native, is the first black woman to hold a patent for a natural hair product. When she was laid off from her job and going through a grueling divorce, she created her hair care company Naturalicious. In a NBC news story, Jimmere says the idea came to her while she was pregnant and unable to spend money and 2-4 hours on her hair. Gwen went to the library, educated herself in patent law and invented an all-in-one product that serves as a cleanser, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler. Buy Naturalicious on Amazon

No. 2

 tgin Moist Collection Sample Pack for Natural Hair

tgin Moist Collection Sample Pack for Natural Hair

Company: TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural)

Product: Moist Collection- Sample Pack for Natural Hair ($19) “
This sample pack intentionally attacks frizz and dryness at the core to give you the soft, shiny, manageable, and (most importantly) moisturized curls you long for.”

About the Founder: Chris-Tia Donaldson didn’t just write the book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair. The Harvard Law School graduate created a complete line of hair care products called TGIN made with natural and organic ingredients including shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids.

Buy TGIN on Amazon

No. 3 

 The Mane Choice Pure Sweet Almond Oil

The Mane Choice Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Company: The Mane Choice Hair Solutions

Product: Pure Sweet Almond Oil ($13)
“100% Natural Sweet almond oil is moisture rich oil that penetrates well into the hair shaft and follicles. Leaves the hair & skin feeling soft and smooth. This oil helps relieve hair dryness and itching promoting a healthy scalp.”

About the Founder: Courtney Adeleye‘s curiosity became her calling while she was documenting her journey to healthy hair on YouTube. As her viewership grew she decided to put her medical education (as a registered nurse) to good use and created The Mane Choice Solutions. Today, with her husband who is a medical doctor, she produces hair products focused on beauty, heath, and science.

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No. 4

 Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls

Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls

Company: Miss Jessie’s

Product: Pillow Soft Curls ($18)
“Miss Jessie’s pillow soft curls is the new styling lotion that borrows fabric care technology and marries it to haircare. It is perfect for achieving static-free, big, soft, curly hair that we all dream about.”

About the Founders: Sisters Miko Branch and Titi Branch (who passed away in 2014) launched their hair care product line Miss Jessie’s in 2004, which was named after their beloved paternal grandmother Jessie Mae Pittman. According to Miss Jessie’s website, when the sisters were young girls Pittman used to whip up an egg and mayonnaise treatment to help them manage their natural hair. It was their grandmother’s tenacity that inspired them to create their own hair products, which caters to the women with naturally curly hair.

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No. 5

 Save Your Do GymWrap

Save Your Do GymWrap

Company: Save Your Do

Product: Save Your Do Gymwrap ($28-$31)
“Wear to the Gym or while you sleep – great for night sweats!”

About the Founder: Most people know Nicole Ari Parker from her acting role as Teri Joseph in the Showtime TV series Soul Food. But the Baltimore native is also the creator of the hair wrap called Save Your Do. The headband is made to wear while you’re working out at the gym. According to the product’s website, it has a “Edge Control Technology that minimizes sweat absorption through a unique blend of materials that allows heat to escape while letting cool air in.”

Buy the Save Your Do GymWrap on Amazon

No. 6

 Oyin Handmade Hair Dew Daily Quenching Hair Lotion

Oyin Handmade Hair Dew Daily Quenching Hair Lotion

Company:  Oyin Handmade

Product: Hair Dew Daily Quenching Hair Lotion ($13)
“This creamy, conditioning leave-in is light enough for every day. It’s great on ‘naked’ hair immediately after a cleanse, or as a way to reinvigorate tired hair all the way through your hair care cycle.”

About the Founder: Oyin Handmade has a solution for every hair texture. The family-owned hair & body brand, founded by Jamyla Bennu, is named after the Yoruba word for ‘honey.’ Bennu told that her hair products started off as a hobby, “the process was purely kitchen experimentation” she said. According to the brand’s website, today their products ingredients include unrefined Shea butter, nutritive sea vegetables, pure aloe vera juice, nourishing vitamins, and herbal infusions carefully chosen for their beneficial and healing properties.

Buy Oyin Handmade on Amazon

No. 7

 Curls Paste Blueberry

Curls Paste Blueberry

Company: CURLS

Product: Curls Paste Blueberry ($8)
“Formulated with organic blueberry extract, argan oil (proven to encourage hair growth) mango, shea”

About the Founder: In 2002 Mahisha Dellinger parted ways with her 9-to-5 to pursue her dream of creating a line of organic hair care products called CURLS for women and girls with natural waves, curls and kinks. According to Black Enterprise, CURLS earned $86,000 in revenue at the end of its first year. Today CURLS is a multi-million dollar business sold in retail stores and online. Dellinger even wrote a book about her journey titled Against All Odds: From The Projects to the Penthouse.

Buy CURLS on Amazon

No. 8 

 Mielle Babassu Oil And Mint Deep Conditioner

Mielle Babassu Oil And Mint Deep Conditioner

Company: Mielle Organics

Product: Babassu Oil And Mint Deep Conditioner ($18)
“This deep conditioner is filled with two complex amino acids from wheat, soy and other natural sources that actually mimic the function of hair amino acids helping to restore the function and moisture to damaged and dry hair. Safe to use on color treated hair.”

About the Founder:Monique Rodriguez had a regimen that kept her hair healthy and tailbone-length that she didn’t want to keep to herself. In 2014 the registered nurse decided to create Mielle Organics, which helps manage relaxed to natural hair textures. The Babassu Oil And Mint Deep Conditioner is a popular product that provides protein, helps moisturize and reduce frizz.

Buy Mielle Organics on Amazon

No. 9 

Company: Mixed Chicks

Product: Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner ($20)
“An alcohol-free, non-sticky, lightweight product that leaves your hair inviting to touch as it defines and locks moisture into every curl.”

About the Founders: Founders Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy, both women of mixed ethnicities (Europe, Africa, Asia, America), know the struggle is real when it comes to trying to tame blended hair textures. In 2003, after combining various hair care products to help manage their curly locs, they carried their favorite products to a chemist to come up with the perfect leave-in conditioner for women with hair like them. The Mixed Chicks hair care line was born. Today their beauty product line includes not only hair care, but also bronzer makeup and hair accessories like flat irons.

Buy Mixed Chicks on Amazon

No. 10

Company: Taliah Waajid

Product: Hydrating Curl Shine ($7)
“The Hydrating Curl Shine can be used daily as it coats and protects your hair.”

About the Founder: Healthy and chemically free hair is Taliah Waajid’s mission. The Natural Hair Care specialist, according to her website, has serviced and educated thousands of her clients and many consumers on the benefits of chemical-free hair care for over 25 years. The Atlanta-based cosmetologist’s hair care products consist of natural ingredients, fruits and extracts. She also runs the long standing natural beauty event Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show.

Buy Taliah Waajid on Amazon

No. 11

 Kimblebeauty Bounce Back Curl Revitalizer

Kimblebeauty Bounce Back Curl Revitalizer

Company: Kimble Beauty

Product: Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Revitalizer ($15)
“Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Revitalizer smoothes and boosts each individual ringlet, enhancing overall body and definition.”

About the Founder: Hair styling runs in Kim Kimble’s blood. She’s the third generation of hair stylists in her family. It’s no surprise that she’s a beauty powerhouse in the entertainment industry. She’s worked with everyone from Beyoncé to Miss Piggy (yes, the Muppet). She runs her own salon in West Hollywood, California and is the star of the reality TV show LA Hair on WEtv. 

Buy Kimble Beauty on Amazon

No. 12

 Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner Detangler

Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner Detangler

Company: Kinky-Curly

Product: Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler ($13)
“An excellent product to use after removing braids and extensions.”

About the Founder: Losing her luggage on a trip back to her native homeland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, was a pivotal moment in Shelley Davis‘ life.With no hair products for the duration of her trip home, a family member created a concoction of natural herbs and plants to help manage her hair. Davis told Vibe Vixen in 2013 “to my surprise not only did it work so well on my hair but it was the healthiest my hair had ever been!” That’s when she was inspired to create Kinky-Curly, a hair care line that would add moisture, give hold without drying hair out and also offer protection from the elements.

Buy Kinky-Curly on Amazon

*Please note that hair care product prices are close estimates based on pricing at the time of publishing.

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