Harlem Haberdashery – New York, NY

Harlem Haberdashery
245 Lenox Avenue
New York, NY 10027

This small boutique is one of my favorite places to visit because their clothing is nothing like what’s out there. They take time with construction and making sure their garments fit perfectly. The family, which owns the store, are also philanthropic people who do a lot for the Harlem community. Among some of the events, that they have presented and I’ve attended, are #TakecareofHarlem (community members get together to feed the homeless), Greener Lenox (community members band together to clean/refresh the area) and an annual Masquerade Ball, benefiting the Harlem Hospital. They are doing great things over there, beyond just clothing, which makes me feel part of something grander when I visit. – Jervie Blue

Black-Owned Business Reader Recommendation

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